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Free Butterbean’s Café Coloring Pages Printable

Butterbeans Cafe

Butterbean’s Café, an animated preschool series by Nickelodeon, is highly popular with children, hence we decided to come up with free printable Butterbean’s Café coloring pages for our lovely readers. The series revolves around Butterbean, a young fairy who runs a café with her friends. The series teaches the kids about farm-to-table philosophy, creative cooking and most importantly, leadership skills. So let’s check our collection of Butterbean’s Café coloring sheets to print below.

10 Free Printable Butterbean’s Café Coloring Pages:

  1. Butterbean:

We’re kicking off the list with Butterbean’s coloring page. She’s a talented chef who comes up with the best dishes for her customers. Despite being extremely popular in her field, Butterbean is very kind, sweet and helpful towards everyone. She appears in the show wearing a yellow and white skirt with a white chef jacket with pink detailing on top of it.

  1. Butterbean’s Café Coloring Page:

Here’s a wonderful coloring page of four major female characters of this series- Butterbean, Cricket, Poppy and Dazzle. The coloring sheet even features the logo of the series, which you have to fill with utmost precision. You must try to make the characters as colorful and glittery as possible.

  1. Butterbean, Poppy, And Dazzle:

This Butterbean’s Café coloring sheet features three primary characters of the series- Dazzle, Poppy, and Butterbean. Poppy and Dazzle are close friends of Butterbean and help her run the café seamlessly. That’s what friends are for, right? They help you with everything possible and pull you up when you’re feeling down.

  1. The Gang:

This Butterbean’s Café coloring sheet is complete in the truest sense because it also features Jasper, the male lead of this series. The series is set up in the land of Puddlebrook and narrates the story of Butterbean, a young fairy who runs a café with the help of her younger sister, Cricket and friends. If you want, you can even make the logo of the series.

  1. Cricket:

Like we said before, Cricket is Butterbean’s kid sister and a major help at the café. She has pretty yellow hair, which she dresses with pin heart scrunchies. She wears a blue shirt paired with a yellow and white skirt and a yellow apron. We totally love how she accessorizes the dress with pin boots and blue leggings.

  1. Poppy:

This cute bespectacled friend of Butterbean is responsible for running the kitchen of the café. Poppy appears in the show wearing an orange dress with yellow flowers and accessorizes it with orange and yellow loafers. She has pretty blue colored butterfly wings with flowers on it. s

  1. Dazzle And Poppy:

Here’s a coloring page of Dazzle and Poppy, two of the female characters of the series, who help Butterbean manage her café. Without these two, it wouldn’t have been so easy for Butterbean to carry on with her work, despite being incredibly talented with the whisk.

  1. Dazzle:

Here’s a coloring sheet of Dazzle, Butterbean’s BFF who is responsible for running the cash register and front counter of the café. She also makes smoothies and dip, both of which are extremely delicious. She’s seen in the show wearing a yellow and purple dress with a pink apron. Besides she wears pink leggings with purple flats.

  1. Butterbean And Cricket:

Here’s a coloring sheet of the two adorable sisters, Butterbean and Cricket. This coloring page exemplifies the sisterly bond. Butterbean takes immense care of cricket, just as a mother.

  1. Jasper:

Last, but not the least, we’ve got you a coloring page of Jasper, Butterbean’s employee. Jasper is a fair-skinned boy with blue hair and almond shaped brown eyes. What sets Jasper apart is his pair of green colored, dragonfly wings with yellow detailing. He appears in the show mostly wearing a blue t-shirt and green shorts.

We hope you had fun filling these Butterbean’s Café coloring pictures to print. We’ll be updating the article with more Butterbean’s Café coloring images as soon as we get our hands on it. So stay tuned!

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