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Autumn Or Fall Leaves Coloring Pages Free Printable

Fall Leaves Clipart

Every year, various parts of the world, are covered in bright and vibrant colors bestowed by the fall foliage. It’s pretty strange how much we marvel at the annual death of the leaves of the deciduous trees. Not just marvel, we even wait for it every year. Those who get to witness this phenomenon find solace in fall leaves coloring pages. Keeping that in mind, we’ve got our little readers free printable fall or autumn leaf coloring pages. So stay tuned.

Do you know why some leaves change their colors in the autumn season and some don’t? Well, it’s because of some simple environmental clues and of course, science! The leaves of the deciduous tree, the fall leaves, have colored pigments called carotenoids and anthocyanin, which are also found in fruits and flowers. Carotenoids, which give the leaves yellow and orange colors, absorb the wavelengths that even chlorophyll can’t and use excess energy produced in the leaves in high light conditions. Anthocyanin, responsible for the purple and red color in fall leaves helps the leaves to use up the excess sugar in the leaves, giving them a unique color. Apart from sugar, the temperature and number of daylight hours also influence the rate at which leaves change their colors.

It’s almost the end of September and we’re already beginning to see some real colors on the trees. The days a delightful and nights are cool. Not just that, even the fall festivals and carnivals are in full swing. So we’re positive that even you’ll get to witness the fall leaves on the trees soon. Until then, you can fill fall leaves coloring sheets to print. Below we’ve got you some awesome fall leaves coloring pages, which you can fill in bright and vibrant colors.

41 Free Printable Fall Leaves Coloring Pages

We hope you enjoyed filled our special collection of fall leaves coloring pages printable. We’d love to know your views on these stunning fall leaves coloring sheets. So leave us a comment below. And don’t forget to check out our Tiki coloring pages.