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30 Free Graffiti Coloring Pages Printable

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You must have come across quirky and colorful scribbles, painted or scratched on the walls of your cities. These are called graffiti. But graffito isn’t just limited to that. Graffiti refers to figure drawings found on walls or ruins and inscription as well. Hence, today we have got our readers a collection of free printable graffiti coloring pages.

Graffiti isn’t just a drawing of several colors thrown together. It’s a form of art, which allows artists to express themselves in the best way possible. More often than not, graffiti express an underlying social or political message. Graffiti can range from simple or sing words to elaborate paintings.

And you will be surprised to learn about the origin of graffiti. The origin of the graffiti can be traced down to the Paleolithic Age, which was over 10,000 years ago. Those were basically paintings on the cave, which probably our ancestors used as a canvas to unleash their creativity. Another demonstration of graffiti was seen in Pompeii, an ancient Roman city which was destroyed over 2000 years ago. In today’s time, graffiti art gained traction in the late 1960s, and the trend has been growing ever since. In modern times, spray paints and marker pens are used to draw graffiti. However, some countries consider graffiti a form of vandalism, which is a felony or crime.

Graffiti coloring pages will definitely come handy for children who like thinking out of the box and use their imagination in the best way possible. Not just that, these graffiti coloring pages printable will also help the kids to color within the lines and let them display proudly in their room.

30 Free Printable Graffiti Coloring Pages:

Take a look at our comprehensive collection of graffiti coloring sheets to print below. You’ll find a wide range of graffiti coloring sheets, from love to brat to the much-needed peace. Check them out below.  

These graffiti coloring pages are sure to be relished by people of every age group, not just children. We would suggest you print out all these graffiti coloring pictures so that you can fill them whenever boredom strikes. These sheets will also make a perfect canvas for all the budding artists. Which of these graffiti coloring pages did you like the most? Let us know by commenting below.

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