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20 Free Printable Lol Surprise Pets Coloring Pages

Lol Surprise Pets Coloring Pictures

If there’s one thing that has taken the world by storm, it’s Lol! Surprise Dolls in all its variation. Hence, we’ve got our readers free printable Lol Surprise Pets coloring pages.

MGA, the creators of LOL! Surprise Dolls first introduced mini dolls wrapped under seven layers of surprise. Aimed at kids aged between 5 and 12 years old, these vibrantly colored dolls cost around $15 each. Each layer had hints of which LOL doll the person would be getting.

After the immense success of the dolls, MGA introduced the pet series with a similar concept. Lol Surprise! Pets series include bunnies, kitties, puppies, and even ultra rare hamsters. You can match your pets with Lol! Surprise Dolls to make a family. How cool is that? Each package not just contains seven layers of surprises, but also a water surprise, which kids can use to bathe their pets. Not just bathe, kids can even feed their pets. The package even includes a little box; which kids can scoop out to reveal the surprise. Isn’t that exciting?

And it doesn’t end here. MGA has also released LOL Surprise House and Lol Bigger Surprise versions of these dolls, which are already off the shelves.

Now that we have given enough information on Lol Surprise Dolls and Lol Pets, let’s dive into the world of Lol Surprise Pets coloring sheets to print.

Free Printable Lol Surprise Pets Coloring Pages:

So how did you like our collection of Lol Pets coloring pictures to print? Don’t they look amazing? Just imagine how wonderful they’ll look when you’ll fill them with beautiful and bright colors, just like they actually are. We would also love to see your finished Lol Pets coloring images. So don’t forget to email us. Until then, happy coloring!

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