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Free Printable Pikachu Coloring Pages


Hello friends! Today we have got our precious readers a collection of cute Pikachu coloring pages. Pikachu, an electrical Pokemon evolved from Pichu, is the mascot of the Pokemon franchise and even represents Nintendo’s collective mascots, including Pokemon Go! No wonder Pikachu coloring pages printable are highly popular with children.

Pikachu is a cute and chubby yellow colored rodent covered in fur with brown colored stripes running down horizontally on its back. It has pointed ears, small mouth, brown eyes and of course, two red circles on the cheeks, which looks outrageously cute but are basically pouches for electricity storage. Its feet have three toes each and the short forearms have five fingers on each paw.

Pikachu and his friends live in groups in forested areas and communicate with each other by shaking tails and squeaking. They even use electricity to send and receive messages and raise their tails to check the surrounding. If a Pikachu comes across something new, it releases a jolt of electricity. And If the group increases exponentially, they can cause a lightning storm. So Pikachus are not as cute as they look. They can become fiery and enraged from cute and adorable in no time.

Another interesting fact about Pikachu is that charges itself while sleep. So if they are stressed and unable to sleep, it can affect their efficiency. They can even build up energy in their glands, which they are required to discharge to avoid complications and hazard. The best part is that they release their energy through the tail, recharging the fellow Pikachus through it. The female Pikachu are slightly different in appearance than the males. They have heart or V-shaped spot at the end of their tails. Now let’s check out our collection of free Pikachu coloring sheets to print.

40 Free Printable Pikachu Coloring Pages:

We hope you enjoyed our free printable Pikachu coloring pages to print. We’d be getting more such Pikachu coloring sheets printable. So stay tuned with us.

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