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Thanksgiving 2018 Coloring Pages

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving is just around the order, so have you started making room in your stomach already? Thanksgiving, an annual holiday celebrated in The United States celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of November, commemorates the harvest of the past year. Thanksgiving is also celebrated in Canada but on the second Monday of October. This year, Thanksgiving is on the 22nd of November 2018 and to get you into the spirit, we have got you a collection of free printable Thanksgiving 2018 coloring pages. Before that, let’s learn a bit more about this holiday.

Thanksgiving is the time when we appreciate and thank the Almighty for everything he has given us. Families and relatives from far and wide meet, socialize, and enjoy a hearty meal together. In fact, there are some people who prefer it over Christmas because it emphasizes less on consumerism. And Thanksgiving starts a four-day weekend, which makes it even better.

Let’s acquaint you with the history of this holiday. The tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving dates back to 1621 when the pilgrims thanked for the harvest in Plymouth Rock. They celebrated the harvest for three days, feasting on venison, boiled turkey, dried fruits, and more. This was the first Thanksgiving.

After more than a hundred years, George Washington declared Thanksgiving a holiday to be celebrated on the last Thursday in November. Yet, the holiday was celebrated in different states from one state to another.  Thanksgiving Day was proclaimed by President Abraham Lincoln to be celebrated as a national holiday on the last Thursday of November in 1863. The rule was celebrated until 1939 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared the fourth Thursday instead of the last one. The change was basically intended to help bring the country out of The Great Depression. Finally, in December 1941, the date for Thanksgiving was set as the 4th Thursday of November.

Thanksgiving 2018 Coloring Pages Printable

Check out our collection of Thanksgiving 2018 printables below.

We hope you enjoyed these free Thanksgiving 2018 coloring pictures printable. We’d surely bring you many holiday Thanksgiving coloring pages in the days to come. So stay tuned. And don’t forget to check out our Elf on the Shelf coloring pages.

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