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Beautiful and intricate tiki masks are often used in houses to add tropical flair to the décor. But did you know these tiki masks have a rich history tied with Polynesian or Hawaiian culture? Yes, and we’ll discuss the same via these free printable tiki coloring pages and tiki masks coloring pages.

Tiki masks are basically hand-carved wooden masks, made to protect the users from evil eyes and evil spirit and bring luck and prosperity to the house. The masks were carved keeping a specific trait of a God in mind and the artists would carve it to resemble the trait. For instance, a tiki mask made with the intent of providing strength to the wearer would appear like a strong and large man and those made with the intent of increasing fertility were carved like a sensual woman. Quite unlike what most people think, not all tiki masks represented Gods in the Hawaiian or Polynesian culture. Some, in fact, most of these masks were created as a form of artistic expression.

Tiki masks are usually made from strong hardwood and finished with a mixture of waxes or oil, which give them a sturdy and lacquered feel and look. While carving tiki masks, the artist gives a lot of care and attention to the details. Since all the masks are handcrafted, you can understand how painstakingly they were created.

Tiki masks have been around for years, but they achieved prominence in the west in the 1930s and 40s. Entrepreneurs such as owners of restaurants and bars would decorate their interiors with tiki masks to give their places a Southern, Polynesian touch. The fad took off immediately and hasn’t gone down since then. Today, tiki masks are iconic parts of many houses, hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Now that we’ve acquainted you with the history, let’s check out our collection of free tiki and tiki masks coloring sheets t print.

31 Free Printable Tiki Coloring Pages (Tiki Masks Coloring Pages)

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