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12 Free Top Wing Coloring Pages Printable

Top WingHello, young readers. Today, we’ve got you all a collection of free printable Top Wing coloring pages. “Top Wing”, an action-packed Canadian animated television series from Nickelodeon, follows the adventure of Rod, Swift, Penny, and Brody, who work hard to save the day and earn the most coveted copilot badges with the help of their mentor, Speedy. The series takes place on Big Swirl, an island inhabited by birds of all types. Now that we’ve talked about the series, let’s take a look at the Top Wing coloring sheets to print below.

12 Free Printable Top Wing Coloring Pages

  1. Baddy McBat:

Baddy McBat Coloring Pages Top Wing
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We are starting the list with Baddy, the villain coloring page. Why?  Because seldom do we come across such a cool villain in an animated television series. Baddy McBat is a male bat who loves flying on his jet and of course, jeopardizing the efforts of the cadets.

  1. Bea:

Bea from Top Wing Coloring Sheet
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Meet Bea, one of the primary characters and the chief technician of Top Wing Academy. Bea helps the cadets whenever someone is in trouble or if their vehicle needs fixing. She is a healthy person who wakes up early and exercises every day. But at times, she gets tired and falls asleep, which we think is okay.

  1. Brody:

Brody Puffin Top Wing Colouring Page
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Laidback puffin Brody loves to fly with the waves of the sea, over and on. This Atlantic puffin’s signature color is green and his vehicle is the Splash Wing boat, which also happens to be green in color. What makes Brody stand apart is his cool feather hairdo.

  1. The Gang:

Free Printable Top Wing Coloring Pages
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Here’s another sheet of the gang- Penny, Brody, Rod and Swift, all set to earn their wings at the Top Wing Academy. The cadets take on exciting missions not just to hone their rescue skills, but also to help those in need. And in the process, they teach the viewers valuable lessons too!

  1. Cute Penny:

Penny From Top Wing Coloring In
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How adorable does Penny look in this coloring picture? It shows our beloved in regular clothes and oh boy, she looks so cute! We would suggest you use your brightest shades for Penny clothes so that it matches with her lively personality.

  1. Penny:

Penny From Top Wing

Here’s another picture of Penny in her Top Wing uniform. Penny, at 6 years, is the youngest cadet at the Top Wing Academy. This penguin loves to dive, chill and eat krill whenever she goes underwater on Aqua Wing, her vehicle. Color her suit pink and white, as shown in the cartoon.

  1. Rod:

Rod From Top Wing Coloring Picture
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Meet Rod, an 11-year-old Rooster, who loves singing in the morning and saving the day at noon. He loves to drive around the island on his all-terrain vehicle, the Road Wing. Since Rod’s signature color is red, he is seen wearing a red t-shirt with blue jeans and red sneakers.

  1. Shirley Squirrely:

Shirley Squirrely From Top Wing
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Here’s a coloring sheet of Shirley Squirrely, an adorable flying squirrel who tends to fall in trouble and is saved at the nick of time by the cadets. She loves going on rides on her giant flying machine, which once even crashed into the ocean.

  1. Speedy:

Speedy From Top Wing
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This picture features Speedy, the mentor of the cadets at Top Wing Academy. Speedy is a cool, calm and generous eagle who loves helping not just his cadets, but anyone in trouble on the Big Swirl Island.

  1. Swift:

Swift From Top Wing
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Swift, a blue jay, prides himself to be the fastest pilot at the Top Wing Academy. This 12-year-old bird, who also happens to be the leader of the Top Wing team loves adventure the most and keeps himself focused on earning the badges. Swift’s signature shade is orange and he rides Flash Wing.

  1. Top Wing Academy:

Top Wing Academy Coloring Page
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Here’s a coloring sheet of the gang, Rod, Penny, Brody, and Swift in the Top Wing Academy, along with their mentors and tutors, Bea and Speedy. At Top Wing Academy, the birds work as a team to learn the skills required for being the best rescue cadets. The coloring sheet is a bit detailed and will require extreme precision on your part. In the process, it will hone your fine motor skills too. So good luck with it.

  1. Top Wing Coloring Page:

Top Wing Coloring Pages
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This coloring sheet features Baddy, the super cool villain, along with Shirley Squirrely, Chirp and Chick, two baby chicks. This Top Wing coloring picture one would the favorite of most kids as they are getting, not one or two, but four characters to color, along with plenty of blank space to draw their own scenery.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of free Top Wing coloring pictures to print. Please feel free to download as many Top Wing coloring printables as you like. And stay tuned with us for more such coloring pages.

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